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Activities in the program

Activities in the program are aimed at empowering senior citizens to improve their daily functional activities through available social and health services to live as independently as possible.

Home Assistance

Caregivers perform small household chores, help with grocery shopping, paying bills and preparing meals, handyman services provide assistance with various minor repairs, painting, etc. Medical workers perform services such as blood pressure measurement, blood sugar analysis, psycho/social evaluations, and act as a liaison with the doctor.

Pomoć u kući

Advocate for the Elderly

We help the elderly gain access to the support systems in their community, and coordinate with hospitals, social services, and other specialized institutions within the government.

”Bread of life” works with the network of humanitarian civil society organizations „HumanaS“ that are working for and with the elderly people - www.humanas.rs and actively collaborates with other local government organizations in dealing with current issues affecting the elderly.

Zastupanje i saveti u ostvarivanju prava korisnika

Integration and socialization

“Bread of Life" directs efforts to support and strengthen seniors to take more responsibility for others, to become active participants in society, in order for them to express themselves and meet their need.
For this purpose, “Bread of life” organizes integration and socialization activities in the Daily Club "Warm corner" for seniors on Vračar and Zemun, as well as two clubs in Zeleznik and Obrenovac. Addresses of the day clubs: Prote Mateje 41 (Vracar), Slobodanke Danke Savic 33 (Zvezdara), at the Home for the elderly and pensioners Obrenovac, 12 Uzun Mirko Street, and in the local community Zeleznik - Darinka Radojevic 35th Street.
Activities are carried out through various self-help groups which are groups of elderly people who have informally gathered around a common interest and therefore need to promote active aging in order for elderly people to live as fulfilling a life as possible in a comprehensive way (emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially and intellectually engaged).

Self-help groups that have formed as Daily Life in "Bread of Life" are:

  • Solidarity group - takes care of the club members who can not attend meetings because of illness, organizing medical services (ambulatory blood pressure, blood sugar and their doctor's advice), conducts a variety of humanitarian actions;
  • Creative group - contains several sections: making handmade greeting cards, ethnic products, decorative items, tailoring section;
  • Group of culture and recreation - organizes trips to the theater, concerts, celebrations, picnics, games, sports, singing section)
  • Learning group - nurtures and develops the need for life-long education. This group organizes classes on the computer as well as discussions and lectures on topics of interest to seniors.

The Daily and weekly club "Bread of Life" has developed a good cooperation with other Gerontology clubs in Belgrade and implemented various joint activities.

Integration and socialization

Provision and distribution of financial aid for the poorest seniors in food, hygiene, medicine, clothes, shoes, firewood for the winter, and etc. For the most vulnerable elderly it provides regular monthly food aid. Collection of funds for emergency assistance during the winter months in food, clothing, wood.

In order to build a sustainable model of support for the elderly at local level, "Bread of Life" performs the following activities:

Strengthening the capacity of Managing Hostesses

In order to improve the quality of home care services, we work on building the capacity of managing hostesses by allowing them to gain theoretical knowledge related to age and aging provided by accredited institutions and acquiring knowledge about the psycho-social needs of the elderly bybecoming familiar with the detailed job description of a managing hostess. As a result, they receive a certificate of competency.

In addition, managing hostesses in training acquire the skills to work through hands-on training for a period of three months, which provides professional and experienced managing hostesses for "Bread of Life".

Strengthening the capacity of Managing Hostesses

Developing sources of income for the care of the elderly who are poor

In the context of the difficult socio-economic situation in the country, the needs of the elderly as one of the most vulnerable groups in society are increasing. "Bread of Life" launched a fund to help elderly poor, in order to meet their basic living needs. Assistance is provided in the form of regular monthly food parcels and hygiene for vulnerable users, and during the winter months we provide firewood.

For this purpose, special efforts have been made in raising awareness of the needs of the elderly in which funds are collected through individuals and the local environment of the institutions with the message that "their little for someone means a lot."

Substantial funds to help the elderly poor are collected via the second-hand clothes shop (Second Hand Shop), the registered economic entity of "Bread of Life".

Developing sources of income for the care of the elderly who are poor