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Elderly care program


  • Working with over 400 elderly persons through these forms of assistance are heldcarried out in the following municipalities: Zvezdara, Vracar, Old city, Rakovica, Palilula, New Belgrade, Zemun, Cukarica, Vozdovac, Obrenovac and Pancevo;
  • Of these, some 100 elderly receive about 4,000 different types of home help services, advocacy and guidance in the exercise of rights of users per year;
  • About 300 seniors are involved in weekly activities and Day Club and work with about 1,000 seniors from other Gerentology clubs in Belgrade;
  • Over 90% of users who are providing services to help at home including meat in their nutrition, on average, once a week, fruit twice a week, equipped with the corresponding second-hand winter clothing and footwear, regularly using soap and detergent and provided with firewood for the winter;
  • All users of home care and members of the Day team have regular control of blood pressure and blood sugar, about 30% of them get medical advice by specialists as an important aspect of preventive medicine;
  • Approximately 45% of beneficiaries in the Home care program became aware of their right to social and medical institutions;
  • Participants in the Clubs take on greater responsibility in the implementation of activities under the self-help groups;
  • Capacity Team Managing Hostess has been strengthened with new trained staff.