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The goal and development of the program

The Goal of the program is to empower the elderly to live with dignity as fully and independently as possible to make social and health services available I order to prevent or delay their entry into institutional care.
Clients of our program are elderly people who:

  • - have diverse needs and limited support in the local community;
  • - have no pension or financial support of close relatives;
  • - need material support;
  • - have pensions below the poverty level;
  • - live with a disabled family member;
  • - are socially isolated and lonely.

"Bread of Life" began with the development of care for the elderly in 2004 and it was implemented for the provision of free services for home care, and advocacy services and integration.
Since 2009 the emphasis is on the empowerment of the elderly to show more initiative and take responsibility for addressing their needs through activities of the daily club and in that way promote the idea of active aging.

Since 2011 "Bread of Life" has aimed at the development of a sustainable model of care for the elderly at local level, taking into account the worsening economic situation and deepening poverty amongst senior citizens.

The new Law on Social Protection envisages cooperation with associations and the legal framework and regulations for the provision of institutional care for social assistance. On the basis of this law, "Bread of Life" developed the capacity to perform social services for the elderly.


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