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Goal and development

The goal of of the project is to provide support for education and psychosocial development of socially vulnerable Roma children, creation conditions for learning and teaching; creative expression and enrichment of social life for their better integration.

Target groups of project include Roma children and their parents.
The program covers children who attend kindergarten, preschool program, children from first to eighth grade, their parents and adults who are illiterate or who have not completed primary school.

The program began in 2004. year:

  • In the first phase (2004. - 2007) program covers more than 350 children and 50 adults;
  • In the second phase (2008. - 2010.) included 410 children and 90 adults Roma;
  • in the third phase (2011 to 2013). working with 410 children and 90 adults Roma.

The program is being implemented in an elementary school and two Roma settlements in Belgrade - Zemun and Surcin.