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“Bread of Life" conducts advocacy activities for the elderly at two levels:

  • Firstly – "Bread of Life", represents the elderlyhelping them to obtain services to which they are entitled;
  • Secondly – "Bread of Life", together with other organizations, exerts influence on government institutions and society in general, to recognize and facilitate the realization of the rights of the elderly by changing attitudes in the field of law and services.

Results at the first level of advocacy:

  • “Bread of Life” has increased cooperation with government institutions in the field of health care. The elderly, with special needs or families who have problems, have been assisted with information on how to approach the relevant institutions for help. In this way, our customers are able to apply for and receive regular financial support from the Centre for Social Work.
  • It is very difficult for the elderly poor, and in many cases impossible, to gain access to medical specialists. This is due to the serious challenges that result from the implementation of reforms in health care and expensive medical services. "Bread of Life" provided assistance in gaining access to examinations by specialists. In this way the elderly were able to obtain discounts on very expensive medical analyses or medical supplies.
  • The elderly were given special privileges that improved their living conditions (subsidies for health care, utility services, legal assistance and financial assistance during the winter).
  • The elderly were given the necessary protection as a result of cooperation with individuals and institutions in order to satisfy basic needs through financial assistance (food, hygiene, firewood for the winter, drugs, etc.).

Results at the second level of advocacy:

  • Increased awareness of the needs of the elderly by workers in the social institutions we work with;
  • Together with HumanaS, "Bread of Life" worked towards raising awareness of the need to care for the elderly with an emphasis on:
  • The fight against violence and discrimination against the elderly;
  • Active aging and inter-generational cooperation.

Bread of Life" is a founding member of the HumanaS network which encompasses all civil society organizations working with the elderly. HumanaS’s goal is to lobby for the rights of the elderly and to motivate the elderly to take a more active role in their own community. HumanaS is active in the area of social, health, economic, legal and cultural issues affecting the elderly and is a member of the Government Council for the elderly and the issues involved in developing a national strategy on aging. HumanaS was founded in 2004 and has 15 members. The membership list is open.

HumanaS actively follows the recommendations of MIPP (Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing), which represents the first global treaty that recognizes the contribution of the elderly to the development of society, which obliges governments to include aging as an issue in all social and economic legislation, including strategies for reducing poverty.