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Mission and Values

Over the years, during the implementation of humanitarian programs, when "Bread of Life" shared a "piece of bread" with refugees, the unique role that Christians have in society was recognized as it ran social service programs. From this position the mission of "Bread of Life" arose, the focus of which is directed towards the development of long-term social programs. At the same time, efforts are made to help the very poor and the vulnerable. In this way the vision is formed with the aim of providing comprehensive support to fellow men to enjoy living a healthy life with dignity, and thus contributing to the betterment of society as a whole.

The vision of "Bread of Life" is for our fellow men to enjoy personal dignity, psycho-physical and spiritual health and to participate in building a more just society.

The mission of the Christian humanitarian organization "Bread of Life" is to provide care and support programs for vulnerable members of society through empowerment and training to contribute to the development of a more just society.

The Vision and Mission of "Bread of Life" continues to develope in two main program areas and continues to represent the needs and opportunities for positive change. Under the new strategic plan for the period 2013 - 2015, "Bread of Life" aims to expand care for the elderly and during the implementation of the third phase of the project to support education for children in the forthcoming period up to 2015.


Christian approach to people in need

Following the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, we seek to serve people and to help them benefit from our social service programs. We express this through love, peace, justice, caring, patience and sincere and honest relationships.

Respect for human life and diversity

By showing respect and compassion for mental, physical and spiritual needs of people, whilst at the same time keeping their family and social situation in mind, we strive to recognize and affirm the value of each individual. We serve people regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.

Fellowship in service

Bread of Life desires to cooperate and establish good relationships with partners and fellow workers in a spirit of mutual respect. It works on behalf of the needy according to standards of social justice and in the spirit of Christ. It also motivates other Christians and Christian organizations to serve the needy in the name of Jesus Christ.

Openness and motivation for service

We offer the opportunity to anyone who is willing to participate in serving people in need, in the spirit of the development of love and solidarity with others.


We strive to be accountable and transparent in the management of all assets entrusted to us. In the implementation of our programs we want to fulfill the commitments made to donors, partners, associates and customers. We strive for excellence and dedication in fulfilling our commitments. We try to respond quickly to the needs of vulnerable individuals and groups.

Commitment to learning

We show initiative and creativity in our work. We aspire to continual growth in knowledge, skills and spiritual values.

Team work

We appreciate the importance of team work. We recognize the advantages of mutual cooperation, regardless of differences in education, experience, age, or religion.