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Project Activities

1. Tutoring

This activity involves children from first to eighth grade. There are nine tutoring groups in one school and two tutoring groups in Roma settlements in Belgrade(Zemun and Surcin).
For pupils from first to fourth grade, classes are organized to help with homework in Serbian language and mathematics

With the fifth to eight graders, tutors help the children gain an understanding of the content they are learning and make sure they complete assignments in all of their subjects.

One day a week is set aside for socializing, games and creative work. This time provides an opportunity for children to express their creativity, to hear a new story to act out, and to learn to foster friendships and overcome differences.

One of the great successes of this program are the students who accepted and utilized the help offered by “Bread of Life” and then went on to attend to attend high school. Help from the “Bread of Life" remains available for these students.


2. Preschool program

The preschool program provides support to parents who enroll their children in regular preschools. After preschool, children are encouraged to enroll in first grade.

Preschool program

3. Kindergarten

Kindergarten prepares young children to enter the education system.
The program involves 30 children from the two settlements in Zemun. In addition to working with children, the school provides the opportunity for young Roma who want to test their skills and gain experience working with children.


4. Socializing with mothers

Workshops are held once a week on parenting, family, health, prejudice and diversity.

Socializing with mothers

5. Working with parents

Working with parents includes monthly parent meetings, home visits, and humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable. Counseling and assistance in the implementation of various social rights is also provided.

Working with parents

6. Adult Basic Education

In collaboration with the School of Adult Education, "Bread of Life" staff identify, enroll and prepare adult Rome to complete primary school.

7. Excursions, camps, sports activities

During the year “Bread of Life” organizes visits to the zoo, activities which assist Roma children in socializing with children from the local community, day trips and camps.

Excursions, camps, sports activities

8. Training and practical work for potential Roma leaders

We provide training for Roma leaders through seminars and workshops to help prepare them for educational work with Roma children.

Training and practical work for potential Roma leaders

9. Training employees in the project

Additional training is provided through a variety of seminars for teachers, tutors, assistants and volunteers involved in the project. This training helps them in professional development and working with children.

Training employees in the project


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