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Domestic partners

From its beginning, the "Bread of Life” organization has worked to build partnerships with relevant govermment institutions and civil society organizations in Belgrade, Vojvodina and in Serbia proper. They also work with Christian charities at home and abroad.

"Bread of Life" places special emphasis on a common, transparent and unbiased working relationship with its partners in order to develop programs that can be sustained over the years to come.

While implementing its humanitarian programs, "Bread of Life" developed a wide network of cooperation among educational, social, and health care facilities, as well as a variety of associations that work with vulnerable groups in our society.

"Bread of Life" is a member of the HumanaS network which is a network composed of humanitarian organizations and associations dealing with the elderly. The goal of this network is to help older people live in a dignified manner. HumanaS’s members have extensive experience and support mechanisms for cooperation between governmental and non-governmental sectors at the local level.

Domestic partners: