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Bread of Life Branch office in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Bread of Life” Prijedor

Due to the growing needs of the region and in order to assist the large number of refugees and returnees in the territory of Western Bosnia the work of "Bread of Life" was expanded in 1996 when an office was opened in Prijedor.


Through help for the socially vulnerable and support of developmental and educational programs, “Bread of Life" Prijedor promotes Christian values, contributing to the economic stability of individuals and the community.

Since 2006, "Bread of Life" changed its focus from humanitarian to development programs, aimed at the sustainability of organizations and programs in the field of agriculture and the timber industry.

The main goal is the reduction in the number of young people leaving the village, ensuring better use of natural resources, assisting in the production of healthy food and providing opportunities for training in the field of agriculture.

Current projects of the Christian Humanitarian Association "Bread of Life" Prijedor are as follows:

1. Material aid program

Providing material assistance to vulnerable population groups began in 1996 and continues to this day albeit to a lesser extent. To date approximately 200 trucks of material aid have been distributed including food, health supplies, clothing, footwear, furniture, hospital equipment and other supplies. In future, assistance will be focussed on specific groups, namely returnees to the region, large families (with 4 or more children), the elderly and disabled and, through other projects, other vulnerable families.

Donors who have provided material assistance to this program include:

International Mennonite Organization; Humanbridge, Mennonite Central Committee, Dorcas, "Bread of Life" Belgrade; Nordic Relief Alliance; Lakarmissionen The spiritual reality; SAM; Serbian Humanitarian Fund, My Neighbor Netherlands; Foodgrains Canadian Bank, Feed the hungry, Interact, PMU Relief transport; Reningsborg and Sarepta.

Material aid  program Public Kitchen
  • Food Program

    Over the past several years the food program has been supported by Dorcas Aid International. This program consists of the distribution of food packages to socially endangered families and individuals over the hardest winter months. Food is distributed as intervention aid to the most socially endangered families in the Municipality of Prijedor and surroundings.

  • Public Kitchen

    At the beginning of 2011 “Bread of Life” started a public kitchen in the Municipality of Prijedor. Because "Bread of Life" has been in contact with the most vulnerable social groups of the population in this area for a long time, the need for such a project was recognized a long time ago. In the first year approximately 60 beneficiaries passed through the project. This work, which has contributed to the inclusion of local authorities and the population has had a big impact in the local community, and has very positively been evaluated by the local media: http://www.pressrs.ba/sr/vesti/vesti_dana/story/28041/Na+kazanu+ru%C4%8Daju+u+%C4%8Detiri+smene!.html

  • Scholarships for children

    At the beginning of 2011 “Bread of Life” started with the implementation of a “Godfather project” for the support of school children in socially endangered families. The program provides financial support to children for the purchase of school materials and equipment, clothing, food during classes, bus tickets etc. Help for these families is the provision offinancial assistance through the material aid program for the purchase of clothes, shoes, food, computers, and second hand furniture.
    The donor of this project is FIDA from Finland.

  • Christmas Presents

    The donation of Christmas presents has already become a traditional activity of this association and takes place every year in December in the wider region of Prijedor. To date approximately 200,000 packets have been distributed.

    Christmas Presents

2. Self-sustainable Returnee Project

Implementation of the project began in 2000 and through it the following was provided: 450 heifers and calves, 42 pregnant ewes, 5 pregnant sows, 52 chain saws, 21 tractors, 10 greenhouses, 5 sewing machines, 30 tons of seed, fertilizer and various tools.

In 2013 the development of greenhouse vegetable production is envisaged as a way to help local people.

Donors for this activity included: Interact - Sweden, International Mennonite Organization - Deutschland, Canadian Foodgrains Bank - Canada, FRB - USA, Läkarmissionen - Sweden, Nordic Relief Alliance - Sweden, Mennonite Central Committee - USA, Mennonites - Holandija, LDN – Deutschland,IOCC – USA, Patmos – Finland.

Self-sustainable Returnee Project

3. Development program: Employment and Income (EIA)

greenhouse vegetable production Education Centre in the local community

In 2004. "Bread of Life" began with the implementation of several development projects: Goat Farm 2004-2008.; Pilot 2006-2008., EIA Krupa on the Una 2007-2010., EIA Prijedor 2011, Greenhouse vegetable production in Prijedor 2011-2013.

A pilot project, funded by Dorcas from the Netherlands, included the following activities:
14 loans for the expansion of dairy farming, seminars, study tours, professional supervision and advice.

EIA Krupa on the Una, funded by Dorcas MCC, included the following activities:
74 loans in agriculture and handicrafts, apprenticeship (21 persons), seminars, study tours, professional supervision and advice.

EIA Prijedor, funded by Dorcas, involved the following activities:
8 loans in handicrafts (wood processing), education (courses), seminars, cooperation between businesses (B2B) marketing support to entrepreneurs (Web sites), support the association and study visits.

Interest-free loans in agriculture (greenhouse vegetable production)
This program for greenhouses started in 2011t and involves several types of assistance, namely: interest-free loans, study tours, seminars, and other practical aid. In the future seminars and study tours in the area of hydroponics are planned as part of this innovative program.

Education Centre in the local community
An education center in the field of computer science and English language is a self-sustaining project that started in 2004. The key to success of the project, amongst other things, the best price of courses in the municipality of Prijedor and constant renewal offer.
Teacher salaries and related costs of maintaining the premises are covered by revenues from the course participants. The donor of this project is the Mennonite Central Committee in the United States from Finland and FIDA.

4. Second hand shop „Hatikva“

In 2011. "Bread of Life" decided to start an economic activity through the registration of second-hand shops. The goal of this project is to support humanitarian and development projects and to create new jobs for local people

Second hand shop Hatikva

Second Hand Shop "Hatikva" is located in Prijedor, Branislav Nušića No. 3.



Bread of Life

Christian humanitarian organization "Bread of Life" Prijedor
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