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Re-socialization of former addicts


In 2007 "Bread of Life" began supporting a new target group, the vulnerable and marginalized in our society, namely former drug addicts.

After treatment in Christian community centres, which on average lasts 2-3 years, persons normally aged between 19 and 35 years leave the centre which, until then was for them a place of safety, return to their families and communities but find themselves in a lonely situation.

Due to distrust, strained family relationships and the results of their former lifestyle, former addicts find themselves without appropriate support and assistance in starting a new life without drugs. Because of their former drug addiction, lost secondary or higher education opportunities or criminal conviction their employment opportunities are further complicated.

Despite the positive experience during treatment and a strong desire to remain "clean", few of them have the inner strength to start a new life without the support of others - parents, friends and the local community.

As the state has not yet developed a system to help and support young people after treatment who, therefore, remain on the fringes of society and in danger of returning to their old ways, "Bread of Life", together with former drug addicts who sought and found help, began to look for a solution.

With the coming into force of the Law on Associations it is possible in terms of Article 37 of that law, to establish a business. On that basis, "Bread of Life" opened a Second Hand Shop and in this way it was possible to create new jobs. This shop was able to start with the employment of 12 former drug addicts in the process of re-socialization.

Further, at the initiative of a group of young people, an organization called “Izlazak” was established and registered in 2009 under the above mentioned legislation to combat drug abuse. "Izlazak" deals with prevention, motivation, and referral to drug treatment programmes, and together with "Bread of Life" is developing a program of re-socialization of former addicts.


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