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Re-socialization results achieved since 2007:

  • re-socialization project successfully established;
  • 40 young people helped through the process of re-socialization by "Bread of life". On average, approximately 13 former addicts per year are involved in the process of re-socialization;
  • parents, mostly mothers, give full support to this process;
  • After one year, all have gained a degree of job specific skills and habits;
  • After completing the process of re-socialization, 12 people have found jobs outside "Bread of Life" and 5 are members of other organizations;
  • Most families of those who have gone through the re-socialization programme are themselves strengthened and have demonstrated a willingness to continue supporting them.

Pomoć u kući
Home care
Pomoć u kući
Work in warehouse

Results achieved through "Izlazak":

Podela flajera
Campaigns on the streets of Belgrade
Tribine i seminari
Meetings and seminars

  • establishment of an organizational structure;
  • prevention and awareness of drug abuse by the presentation of more than 50 seminars in elementary and secondary schools, clubs, and more than 10 guest appearances on local and national media;
  • campaigns against drug abuse held twice a year;
  • As an active member of the informal regional network “Union against addiction"," Izlazak "actively participated in three annual conferences and two annual meetings;
  • During meetings with over 200 addicts, approximately 85 accepted the advice and were sent for rehabilitation;
  • Initiatives in the field of social entrepreneurship: moving, cleaning basements, painting, selling used goods at the market, furniture repair.


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