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Second Hand Shop

Grounds for establishment

The adoption of the Law on Associations (Official Gazette of RS, No. 51/09), which came into effect in 2009, was a major milestone for “Bread of Life.

Subsequently, "Bread of Life"" began to have to face the departure of traditional donors and ttherefore launched a new strategy to find a way to ensure the sustainability of our projects for the provision of social assistance.

Under the new law, organizations are able to directly conduct business or other activities for the acquisition of benefits for non-profit work.

In line with the provisions of this new law "Bread of Life"" decided to open a second-hand goods store called the Second Hand Shop, which opened in March 2011.

Via this initiative "Bread of Life"" generates income used for the implementation of humanitarian activities and sustainability of social programs to help the marginalized sections of society, namely:

  • The elderly poor
  • former drug addicts
  • the Roma people

Via the Second Hand Shop local people have access, at very reasonable prices, to clothes from Sweden which promotes a feeling of well being due to the fact that money spent in the store serves to help vulnerable social groups.


Soft winter idyll!