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"Bread of Life" cooperates with donors from abroad, domestic legal entities and individuals who are willing to help vulnerable groups of people.

Users who need help the most are senior citizens with poor financial resources, living alone and who have poor health. That need was recognized by those with whom “Bread of Life” directly or indirectly cooperates and who have become "small" donors. Should you wish to become a donor, this can be done in several ways:

  • through regular monthly financial aid for food;
  • assistance with firewood;
  • provision of medicines etc.

In addition to the elderly, there are other recipient groups of "Bread of Life" that are also in great need – the Roma and former drug addicts.

The Roma are in dire need of support of education through the provision of basic educational resources such as books, notebooks and other school supplies, food, clothes, shoes..

If you share our values and believe that our activities contribute to the development of the community in which we live, you are welcome to help us in fundraising by contacting us via the following.

Christian humanitarian organization "Bread of Life"
Požarevačka 53
11000 Belgrade
Phone / Fax 1: +381-11-244-35-40
Phone / Fax 2: +381-11-243-81-22
Mobile: +381-60-406-0001
Mobile 2: +381-60-5055-988 (to help the elderly)
Web: www.breadoflife.org.rs
e-mail: office@breadoflife.org.rs