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The role of the "Bread of Life" in the development of community

Bread of Life" has been a witness and an active participant in the important changes in Serbian society over the last twenty years. Following its Christian identity "Bread of Life" has remained focused on the mission that is based on the principles of the Gospel, and that is to care for loved ones in trouble. Jesus said the poor will always be with us, and making them do to him. (Mat 25:35-37).

Trusting in God's grace, wisdom and providence, "Bread of Life" continues to meet the needs of society in the following areas:

  • 1) Poverty, psychosocial problems, and health problems are widespread among the elderly. A support system for the elderly is not yet sufficiently developed in Serbia. The vision of "Bread of Life" is to work to build a sustainable model of support for the elderly at the local level.
  • 2) Based on the trust gained in two communities of Roma, "Bread of Life” has been able to provide support and assistance to young Roma leaders. The goal of this program is for the Roma leaders to act independently in their communities so that they can self-manage support programs in the education of their children.
  • 3) RA relatively new relationship between the "Bread of Life" and former addicts supports their reintegration into society after completing rehabilitation. "Bread of Life" recognizes the unique role it plays in the process of their full integration into society.
  • 4) “Bread of Life” has 20 years of experience in humanitarian work and in the development of programs, as well as an ongoing partnership with the "Bread of Life" in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the offspring of "Bread of Life", Serbia. “Bread of Life” recognizes the ability to teach and support the development of local initiatives along with other CSOs with a similar vision (for example Roma associations and CSOs working to prevent substance abuse and support former addicts - "Izlazak", etc.).