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Soft winter idyll!

Objavljeno: 23 Jan 2017

Soft winter idyll! width=

Outside is a soft winter idyll, frosty and blanketed in snow. Everyone is inspired by winter in the school house and, before long, we’re all outside jumping in the snowflakes, throwing snowballs, and building snowmen. With the magic of winter dancing in front of us, the children start to think of the snow owl, polar bear, penguin, and other animals they learned about.


This is when the kids have an idea! They realize that the birds must also be very cold and hungry. After a quick trip inside, the group of youngsters bring out a bowl of breadcrumbs from their breakfast together that morning, and scatter them on the table under the grapevines. This gesture has become a part of their daily routine, and a good way for them to learn to care for their environment. The next work shop will be focused on building birdhouses to be placed in the school-yard and around the settlement. Children are our greatest treasure.

Being able to work with them everyday, and see the light in their eyes when they find something that excites them is encouraging, rewarding work. Their endless insights, empathy that they have for each other, and willingness to learn gives us the motivation to carry on helping in education of Roma children. These children are the future, and we hope to nurture them and give them positive expectations for their lives.