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Bread of Life humanitarian work during pandemic Covid 19

Objavljeno: 12 Oct 2020

Bread of Life humanitarian work during pandemic Covid 19 width=

With the help of its longtime partners who support humanitarian work in all disasters that have befallen our country, Bread of life has managed to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable members of society whose living conditions are further aggravated by the pandemic Covid 19.

Since the declaration of the state of emergency in March this year, Bread of Life has distributed 330 packages of humanitarian aid - 80 packages of food and 250 packages of hygiene, 140 packages of diapers for adults.

Most of the humanitarian aid is directed to elderly poor people who are beneficiaries of home care services provided by the Bread of Life within the project Elderly care, widows, single mothers, refugees, socially vulnerable population, Roma families…

Respecting all epidemiological measures during the state of emergency, Bread of life caregivers performed weekly services of procurement and delivery of food and medicine for the 10 most endangered beneficiaries of home help who live alone and have no relatives.

In addition to food and hygiene, we distributed masks and disinfectants to senior citizens to increase their safety during a pandemic. During the state of emergency, Bread of Life also provided telephone support / counseling for families with a demented member in cooperation with Destigma organization, which consists of a neuropsychiatrist, a nurse specializing in psychiatric patients and an occupational therapist.

Our work with the elderly is supported by the following donors: Brot fur die Welt, Brot des Lebens from Germany, Reningszborg from Sweden, International Women Club from Belgrade, German Mennonite Organization from Germany, Swiss Mennonite Mission from Switzerland.

Another 60 food packages with basic foodstuffs are planned to be distributed in October.